About Us

Founded on 1970, Peretz pirzul ltd. is now a leading company specializing in producing, marketing and importing high-quality
plastic parts.

The company operates as a subcontractor, producing plastic components designed to meet the unique needs of original equipment manufacturer (OEM) customers. Using the finest materials and advanced injection-molding processes, the company manufactures exceptionally strong and durable products.

Manufacturing plastic parts used in metal furniture, including plastic-headed metal screws and brake for home and office furniture.
Producing and distributing a variety of heavy-duty and semi-heavy duty, as well as light and super-light plastic and rubber wheels.
Manufacturing custom-designed products to meet our clients' unique needs using the most advanced technologies and processes.

Peretz pirzul is the exclusive manufacturer of these products for the Israeli market and a trusted long-term supplier to a host of leading companies in Europe and the USA.